Sportkings Series F Preivew

Sportkings Series F is in the final stages of production and pack-out will start next week so that the product will be ready for an on time Release Date of August 1st.


Series F will continue the numbering sequence started in Series A, Series F card numbers will start at 257 and end at 304. Base Cards include Bill Parcells, Shaquille O'Neal, Brooks Robinson, Mariano Rivera, Scottie Pippen, Fernando Valenzuela, Teofilo Stevenson, Gordie Howe®, Ric Flair, Frank Gifford, Carl Lewis, Jack Ham and many, many more.  Click here to view the entire Base Card Checklist.


Carl Lewis Base Card


Ric Flair Base Card

Valenzuela Gold Mini

Fernando Valenzuela Gold Mini Base Card

Each Base Card will have a parallel vintage size Mini-Base Card.  These Mini-Base Cards will also have silver and gold versions.  There will be three Base Cards in every box along with one Premium Back Base Card.


As usual Sportkings Series F is loaded with hard-signed Autograph Cards and amazing Cut Signatures.

Hard Signed Autographs

Series F will continue the Sportkings' tradition with both hard-signed Autograph Cards and hard-signed Auto/Memo Cards. The checklist might be the best yet, it included Cristiano Ronaldo, Shaquille O'Neal, Bill Parcells, Frank Gifford, Carl Lewis, Olga Korbut, Fernando Valenzuela, Gordie Howe®, David Ortiz and Mariano Rivera to name a few.

Card Signing-1

Cristiano Ronaldo Signing for Sportkings


Shaq signing his Sportkings cards.

Autograph Shaq

Shaquille O'Neal Silver Autograph Card

Autograph Parcells

Bill Parcells Silver Autograph Card

Gold Autograph Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis Gold Autograph Card

Scottie Pippen Auto:Memo

Scottie Pippen Gold Auto/Memo Card

How's that for authenticity, see the athletes actually sign the card!

Collectors love hard signed Autographs and Series F delivers!

Anthology Autograph Cards

Series F will mark the introduction of a new concept to Sportkings. Anthology is an Autograph Card insert set that will memorialize great events in sports history.  The first Anthology Autograph Card insert set will feature the members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins who made history with their Perfect Season.

Thirteen members of the Dolphins will be featured in this insert set. There are 72 of each player hard-signed featuring their home jerseys and 72 of each player hard-signed in their away jersey.

SKF-Anthology_Griese  Anthology Shula

Players include; Paul Warfield, Jim Kiick, Larry Little, Don Shula, Manny Fernandez and more.

Owners' Box This insert set will feature individuals who were owners of sports teams.

Owners' Box Mock-Up 

The checklist includes: Walter O'Malley, Thomas Shibe, Art Modell, William Wrigley III, Edward Bennett Williams, William H. Sullivan Jr, August Busch Jr., Walter Briggs Jr., Calvin Griffith, Bruce Norris, Lou Perini and many more.

Perfect Season Orange Bowl Seat Cards

This insert set features the members of the Miami Dolphins 17-0 Perfect Season team. Players have signed authentic pieces of seats from the Orange Bowl the home of the undefeated team.

Orange Bowl Autographed Seat

The checklist includes: Bob Griese, Larry Little, Jim Kiick, Manny Fernandez, Howard Twilley, Don Shula and many more.

Vintage PaperCuts

This insert set features Cut Signatures of Sportkings who have had a Sportkings card in the past.

SKF Proof_Template_BTP10

The checklist includes; Willie Hoppe, Pele, Gene Tunney, Eddie Shore, Byron Nelson, Evel Knievel, Arthur Ash, James, J. Braddock, James Doolittle, Sonny Liston, Robert T. Jones, Henry Cotton and many, many more. An impressive checklist.


This insert set features Cut Signatures of deceased Series F Sportkings.

SKF Proof_Template_BTP10 

The checklist includes: Toe Blake, Alfredo Di Stefano, Gorgeous George, Bobby Riggs, Man Mountain Dean and many more.


1933 Sport Kings Gum Hand-Drawn Cards

Collectors will also find some incredible on-card artwork in Series F. Let's start with the 1933 Sport Kings Gum Hand-Drawn Cards. Each card features one of the original Sport Kings Gum cards hand-drawn, on-card and limited to nine regular copies and a gold 1/1.

Ty Cobb 

These cards look like an original Sport Kings Gum card but it is not, it's hand-drawn on-card....incredible.

Body of Work

Each of the cards in this insert set feature a 1/1 hand-drawn image along with an authentic piece of memorabilia. All on one card, makes for an incredible combination.


The checklist is a who's who of sports including; Troy Aikman, Joe Frazier, Magic Johnson, Stan Musial, Nolan Ryan, Pele, Bruce Lee, David Beckham, Annika Sorenstam, Payne Stewart and Tom Brady to name a few.

Memorable Moments Puzzle Cards

When you see these cards in person, you won't believe that they are painted.

Each Memorable Moment is comprised of four different cards that can be assembled into the image of the famous moment in sports history. Painted by Sportkings artist Jared Kelley, these will be extremely sought after.

XX Chastain

Memorable Moments include; The Goal, Stealing Home, The Jump, Charlie Hustle, Guaranteed Victory, Get Up and Fight, World Cup Victory and many more.

First Pitch

First Pitch features the stunning hand-painted on-card art of Sportkings' Artist Jared Kelley. This insert set depicts Presidents throwing out the first pitch at major league baseball games.

First Pitch-Obama

Obama First Pitch

First Pitch Regan

Reagan First Pitch

The checklist includes; Obama, Reagan, Kennedy, Wilson, Hoover, Taft and more. There are twelve stunning cards in this insert set.

First Class

First Class commemorates the inductees into the first class of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Theses five on-card art masterpieces will be painted by famed sports artist Ron Adair. Aren't they amazing?

Game-Used Memorabilia Cards

The tradition of collectable and exciting authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Cards continues in Sportkings Series F. Here are some of the many different insert sets in this product.  Click here to view the checklist.


Triple Memorabilia Insert


 Greatest Moments Insert Set


CityScapes Dual Insert


Four Sport Quad Insert Set

Series F will release on August 1st, contact your Sportkings or In The Game dealer or distributor to reserve yours

Distributors and direct dealers Sportkings Series F orders are due Thursday July18, 2013.  Orders are taken on a first come basis and once we are sold out, we are sold out.  If you did not receive your order form via email please contact immediately. 

Ultimate Memorabilia 12th Edition National SuperBox   

We are not sure that two years in a row qualifies as a tradition but for the second straight year In The Game is going to offer collectors the chance to buy and redeem an Ultimate Memorabilia SuperBox at The National.


There will be only 100 UM-12 National SuperBoxes produced for The National this year in Chicago.

Each UM-12 SuperBox will contain a 1/1 Extra Card inserted into UM-12 boxes and in addition the UM-12 National SuperBoxes can be redeemed at The National for a 1/1 Redemption Card.

Extra Card

SuperBox Special Card

UM-12 Ultimate Memorabilia National SuperBoxes will contain a special Enshrined Memorabilia Card. Each card will feature game-used memorabilia card of a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. How can you go wrong with a Hall of Famer?

Each card is a 1/1.

Redemption Card

SuperBox Redemption Card

Each Redemption Card will feature an Enshrined Dual Game-Used Memorabilia Card of two members of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Naturally both checklists will be a who’s who of hockey.

Each card is a 1/1.

Remember there are only 100 UM-12 National SuperBoxes being produced, they won’t last long.

Contact, Steel City Collectibles or Dave & Adam's Card World for information on how to order.





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