Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition - Ultimate Giveaway Announced

In The Game Trading Cards - Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition presents the Ultimate Giveaway.

Randomly inserted into packs of UM-11, collectors can find Ultimate Giveaway cards. These cards will be inserted to replace the base card of the pack in which they are found.


There are ten different Ultimate Giveaway cards. Each Ultimate Giveaway card depicts a different piece of game-used memorabilia on the front of the card. There are six of each of these cards inserted into the product, each one is a different color.    


Giveaway Memorabilia

1997 NHL All-Star Game Brett Hull Western Conference Jersey


Hull was a starter for the Western Conference at the 1997 NHL All-Star Game in San Jose and this jersey is loaded with colorful patches. He earned one assist that night but the lucky recipient will get to see that the Hall of Famer also autographed it on the inside! 


2000-01 Jarome Iginla Calgary Flames Jersey

The only one of this now-retired "Horse Head" style that Jarome wore in 2000-01. Iginla cracked the 30-goal and 70-point mark for the first time that season. Featuring the Atlanta Flames style "A" and lots of wear, this jersey looks like it has been through some epic battles.


2005-06 Jason Spezza Ottawa Senators Jersey

At the beginning of the 2005-06 season, the NHL had players wear jerseys with a special patch that were eventually sold to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. In The Game acquired one of these historic red sweaters, worn by Spezza.

2002-03 Daniel Alfredsson Ottawa Senators Jersey

Alfredsson wore this red Senators jersey for preseason action prior to the 2002-03 campaign and it is a fitting #11 for the Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition. Featuring the captain's "C", it also has a nice puck mark on the face of the Senators logo. 


1999-00 Teemu Selanne Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Jersey

Selanne scored 85 points for the Mighty Ducks in 1999-00 and the ageless wonder wore this jersey during home games that year. Some of the most outstanding features on this sweater are the NHL 2000 patch and an "A" on the left shoulder. There are also several places where you can see puck marks and other wear.


1992-93 Curtis Joseph St. Louis Blues Jersey

Featuring the Stanley Cup centennial patch during the 1992-93 season, this Joseph white jersey looks as if it has been through a war on the ice. It has great character due to puck marks and piling on the front and is from the team's second set from that year.

2004 NHL All-Star Game Shane Doan Western Conference Jersey

The 2004 NHL All-Star Game was held in Minnesota and Doan was a member of the Western Conference squad that year. This style of jersey was only worn in one mid-season Classic and features felt accents on front. It was also signed on the back by the longtime captain of the Phoenix Coyotes.

2001-02 Gillian Apps Team Canada

Apps wore this striking red Team Canada jersey in the games leading up to the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. There is some light game wear on this sweater and it could be a fine addition to the collection of one lucky collector.

Luc Robitaille Los Angeles Kings Helmet

This circa 1993-94 CCM helmet looks like it has been through many road battles and the lucky winner will be surprised to see some small blood stains inside! It still includes the original ITECH visor and Robitaille's number 20 can be found on the back. 


Dany Heatley Game-Used Stick

Danny Heatley used this Bauer Tri Flex stick early in his NHL career with the Atlanta Thrashers. Boldly signed by the 2001-02 Calder Trophy winner, it is a one-piece composite and shows plenty of evidence of game use. 

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