2002-2003 Signature Series

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Ten years in the making! Announcing the new Be A Player Signature Series featuring 10th Edition autographed inserts.

There aren't many sets that have been around for 10 seasons but the Be A Player Series has defied the odds and spanned a decade. In The Game, Inc., the manufacturer of Be A Player and Parkhurst brands of hockey cards, is preparing for the imminent release of 2002-03 Signature Series and to celebrate the occasion, collectors will find special 10th Edition autographed inserts.

Most collectors are familiar with the cornerstone of the Signature Series concept, that being the inclusion of one autographed hockey card in every pack. It is an idea that remains popular throughout the hobby, and continues to serve as the backbone of the Signature Series brand.

However, in addition to those autographs, hobbyists will also find the 10th Edition autographed cards. These consist of a variety of autographed Signature Series cards originally issued by In The Game in sets from 1998-99 through 2001-02. They feature a special "10th Edition" foil stamp to distinguish them from the originals and are issued in extremely limited quantities per card.

Best of all, In The Game is announcing the odds of pulling one of these 10th Edition autographs are significantly better than originally anticipated. Initially, it was announced that collectors would find one of these cards in every two boxes. Now, collectors can expect to find two in every box!

These 10th Edition cards were re-acquired by In The Game through the secondary market. A limited quantity also originated from the company's customer-service inventory.

"I am pleased to announce that this particular element of our Signature Series program came together much better than expected," said In The Game's President, Dr. Brian H. Price. "We were successful in finding a network of dealers and collectors with a ready supply of the Signature Series cards that we were searching for. Once word got around, we realized we would surpass our buying goals. At that point, we decided it would be a good idea to provide even greater value by substantially increasing the number of 10th Edition cards available to collectors.

"What makes this concept especially exciting," continued Price, "is the fact these 10th Edition cards will be inserted in addition to the autographed card already found in the pack. That means a large number of packs will contain two autographed cards instead of the traditional one. I don't know of too many collectors who won't be excited about that. By the way, we didn't increase the price"

In The Game wishes to emphasize that due to the unique nature of this program, and because of the extremely limited number of each of the 10th Edition cards available in packs, there will be absolutely no customer service available for these particular cards.

The 2002-03 Signature Series base set is comprised of 200 cards including 23 top rookies such as Rick Nash, Henrik Zetterberg and Jay Bouwmeester

Signature Series will also include the Be A Player Golf Series, a 100-card insert set seeded at a rate of one card per pack. This innovative and entertaining set will appeal to hockey and golf aficionados alike.

An outstanding selection of game-used memorabilia inserts is incorporated in the 2002-03 Signature Series. The list of chase cards is extensive and includes: Game-Used Jerseys (70 cards); Franchise Game-Used Jerseys (30 cards); Triple Memorabilia (10 cards); Complete Jersey (10 cards); Team Quads (20 cards); All-Rookie Team (12 cards); Fourth-Year Phenoms (12 cards); Defensive Wall (10 cards); Famous Scraps (12 cards); and Magnificent Inserts, a 10-card tribute to Mario Lemieux including autographed versions of cards featuring anywhere from one to four pieces of game-used memorabilia worn by "The Magnificent One".

All memorabilia inserts will have a stated production run of less than 100, consistently the lowest numbers in the hobby. These limited quantities always ensure collectibility. Collectors will find an average of one game-used memorabilia card in every two boxes of Signature Series.

Finally, every pack of cards (except those containing memorabilia cards) will contain one extra-thick He Shoots, He Scores "decoy" card designed to prevent pack searching. Collectors can save the points indicated on each card and earn additional collectibles not available in packs. This time, however, instead of earning special memorabilia cards, hobbyists can set their sights on a variety of autographed memorabilia from Be A Player Authentix including photos, replica jerseys and game-model jerseys. This adds an exciting twist to an already-popular offer.

Each pack will contain six cards including one autographed card, one game-used memorabilia or He Shoots, He Scores decoy card, one golf insert card, and three base cards. Packs that contain a 10th Edition autographed card will be accompanied by two base cards instead of three. There are 12 packs per box, and 20 boxes per case. Total production is limited to 800 numbered cases. Signature Series is scheduled for release early in May.

No doubt, the Be A Player Signature Series has been a popular brand of hockey cards for a long time. As of May, though, collectors had better brace themselves for a new spin on tradition, and unlike anything they have seen before. After all, it's been 10 years in the making!

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