2003-2004 In The Game-Action

Product Information

It's hard to believe but a brand new NHL season and a brand new hockey-card season is just around the corner. We are proud to announce details on our first release for the new season - 2003-04 In The Game-Action!

In The Game-Action lives up to its name and delivers all the action the world's greatest game can produce. It is distinguished by the most dramatic action photography in the history of In The Game. When it comes to capturing the essence of hockey, this product does it.

In The Game-Action features a massive 600-card base set incorporating 20 players from each of the 30 NHL clubs. The card backs are packed with biographical information and are numbered two different ways: within the entire set and within the team set. The base set includes seven rookie cards, more than any early release from the other card companies.

In The Game-Action offers one game-used memorabilia card in every 15 packs - our best insert ratio ever! There are over 240 different game-used memorabilia cards in all including today's biggest names like Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Steve Yzerman and goalie sensation Jean-Sebastien Giguère!

Of special interest are the Quad Teammates game-used memorabilia inserts. This 20-card set presents four of the most collectible players from one team along with pieces of their game-worn jerseys, all on one card.

There will also be 90 different Ruby Jersey cards, 30 different Sapphire Jersey cards, 30 different Emerald Jersey cards, 30 different Bronze Jersey cards, and 20 different Silver Jersey cards.

Each color variation consists of a unique player checklist and each color variation is produced in different quantities. These are NOT parallels.

Best of all is a special 20-card Gold Jersey set. The checklist is identical to the Silver Jersey cards but the photography for each is unique. And... the Gold Jersey cards are one-of-ones!

Those who just can't get enough of rookies will enjoy the Rookie Debut Redemption Card program. There will be 16 different cards in all representing 16 of the hottest NHL freshmen in the 2003-04 season.

These will have a production run limited to the number of redemption cards received but will not exceed 750. The redeemed cards will actually further expand the size of the base set since they will be numbered from 601-616. The checklist for Rookie Debut Redemption set will be announced in November.

In The Game-Action also offers a variety of non-memorabilia insert sets including Highlight Reel, Trophy Winners, Home Boys, Center of Attention, First-Time All-Stars, Oh Canada and League Leaders. These inserts revert to traditional collecting themes and add even more value to this product. Approximately four of these cards will be seeded per box on average across the entire production run.

Hobby packs will contain eight cards. Packs that include a game-used memorabilia card will hold five cards plus the memorabilia card. There will be 24 packs in a box.

To sum up, 2003-04 In The Game-Action is loaded with features and is available at a very appealing price point. The release date will be September 17.

Get in the game. Get In The Game-Action!

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