2011-12 Between The Pipes

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  Configuration:18 packs per box / 9 cards per pack    
Release Date: May 3, 2012 


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In the world of hockey cards, 10 years can see some tremendous changes and over the past decade, In The Game has managed to produce one of the hobby's most popular releases in Between The Pipes.

Debuting in 2001-02, this collection has always featured many of the best goaltenders around and it has evolved over time. It was a landmark for hobbyists as it was the first stand-alone product that was devoted to protectors of the crease and had a great mix of autographs and game-used memorabilia as well. Lightning struck again the next year and then the brand became a popular part of the In The Game Memorabilia product for 2003-04.

The lockout put Pipes on the shelf for a year but it was back as a limited edition boxed set in 2005-06. Seeing the success of its first player-licensed effort, the company brought it back as a full-fledged part of the lineup the next year and it was embraced by collectors who loved the array of cards available in packs. Since that time, it has been a consistent hit which features today's top young stars and established pros along with the game's greatest legends. The presence of the exciting The Mask and Masked Men inserts has also been a big hit for goaltending enthusiasts.

In 2011-12, In The Game is pulling out all the stops to make the 10th edition of BTP a resounding success. It all starts with a big 200-card base set that is loaded with some exciting new subsets and well over 100 different Autograph cards to search for. Non-memorabilia inserts are also back in full force again with the continuation of the Masked Men and special 10th Anniversary inserts which look at some of the best goalies we have featured over the past decade.

Naturally, game-used memorabilia is one of the greatest highlights of this product and goalie collectors are sure to be pleased with the selection of cards they can potentially pull. In addition to old standards like the Game-Used Jersey and Game-Used Patch that feature large swatches, look for all-new two-piece efforts like Cup Tandems and Aspire.

The multi-swatch madness continues with favorites like Complete Jersey and Full Gear but we've also brought back the phenomenally popular Shooting Gallery cards and added Decades and Franchises to the roster.

If you're looking for the giant memorabilia swatches In The Game is known for, you're going to find them in Pipes again with Anniversary Jumbos with big pieces from gloves and pads along with the one-of-one AHL and CHL Complete Logos.

There are plenty of other surprises in store with the 2011-12 edition of Between The Pipes, but In The Game felt it was important to also pay attention to the hobby's roots by presenting a new twist on the popular He Shoots-He Saves redemption program. This season, we have produced the points cards in the form of nine-piece puzzles which can be assembled into a larger photo of some of hockey's greatest netminders. Save up 200 points to redeem them for a special memorabilia card or put them in sheets to enjoy!

Releasing on May 3, 2012, Between The Pipes will be available in time for the 2012 Spring Expo in Mississauga, Ontario. For more details, please visit In The Game online or visit your local trading card dealer.

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