2012 - 2013 Heroes & Prospects

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Configuration:18 packs per box / 9 cards per pack*   
Release Date: January 31, 2013


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This year’s base card set will 199 cards. The first 30 cards will be Heroes, the next 120 cards will be Prospects and the last 49 base cards in the set will be 2013 Draft Picks. However, the Draft Picks will feature our new 3-D fronts (1:9packs**). You won’t believe the way these cards look. In my opinion, the best 3-D cards the hobby has ever seen.


Collectors spoke and this year for the very first time, the entire Prospects part of the set will feature CHL players only.


12-13 Heroes and Prospects will pose a very interesting dilemma for collectors, “to collect or not collect”.  The Decoy Cards in this product have been designed in a similar way to the 2011-2 Between The Pipes Puzzle Cards. So collectors will have to choose between collecting the Decoy/Puzzle cards or submitting them for redemption cards.


There will be eleven different players who will have Decoy/Puzzle cards to collect or redeem.


Now here’s some great news for He Shoots He Scores collectors. Collectors will only be required to submit 150 points for the 2012-13 Heroes and Prospects He Shoots He Scores program. That’s something new from In The Game.


Look for even more Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia cards & Autograph cards inserted 1:7 packs** not to mention the Non Memorabilia Inserts 1:6 packs**.


* eight base cards plus one decoy card or game-used memorabilia card              
**insert ratios are based on the entire production run and are not guaranteed in any individual box or case



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