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Canadians don't have to take a back seat to any other country when it comes to talent.


Canada has produced world-class entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists and world leaders.

In The Game is creating a trading card celebration of one of Canada's greatest natural resources, talent, with the upcoming release of In The Game's-Canadiana.

The release date is September 8, 2011 - Canada Day

Base Cards


The Hobby Version Base Card set contains 100 different cards with three different parallel versions, the extremely limited onyx version, the limited sapphire version and the base ruby version. Production numbers for these three versions will be announced prior to release date.

Autograph Cards


The Hobby version of Canadiana features autograph cards from a variety of personalities. The above three cards depict William Shatner, Paul Henderson and Emmanuel Cricqui.

Other personalities in the Autograph Card checklist include, Jacques Villeneuve, Stompin' Tom Connors, Elvis Stoyko, Dave Thomas, Donald Sutherland, Karen Kain, Steve Yzerman, Donovan Bailey and many, many more.

Authentic Memorabilia Cards

The Hobby version of Canadiana will also feature Authentic Memorabilia Cards from an incredible number of personalities. Pam Anderson outfit from VIP, Dave Cutler Edmonton Eskimos jersey, Donavan Bailey tracksuit, Elvis Stoyko’s Roots toque from the Olympic Opening Ceremony, Steve Yzerman Detroit Red Wings jersey, Terry Puhl Houston Astros jersey and many, many more.

Cut Signature Cards

The hobby version of Canadiana will feature a stunning list of Cut Signature Cards including; Billy Bishop, Whipper Billy Watson and Mary Pickford above. Also included are Alexander Graham Bell, A.Y. Jackson, Alfred C. Fuller, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Stephen Leacock, Roderick L. Haig Brown and many, many more.

Canadiana will be both educational and recreational and will allow all Canadians to learn more about our rich Canadian heritage and how Canadians have had an impact throughout the world. Talent, ability and hard work have no borders and while many of Canada's personalities live outside our country,

Canada is still their "home and native land".

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