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Configuration: 12 cards/box
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October 13, 2012 


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For decades, there has been one hockey rivalry that has proven to be greater than all the rest, that’s the rivalry between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs.


Fierce regular season clashes and playoff meetings have been burned into the memory of hockey fans as this battle often extends beyond the ice to a deep-rooted dislike for the other side.

Forever Rivals is an all-new collection which will provide a cardboard examination of the intensity between these two teams and it is sure to be a hit with fans everywhere. In The Game has gone to great lengths to produce the first full-out tribute to this long-running battle for the undying loyalty of hockey fans and it will be loaded with some of the most appealing cards the company has produced to date.


Releasing on October 13, 2012,  Forever Rivals kicks off In The Game's 2012-13 season and will be a hot commodity.

Starting with a 100-card premium base set, Forever Rivals will pay tribute to the greatest players who have worn the Blue and White and the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge. Whether it is early pioneers like Howie Morenz and Ace Bailey or modern stars Carey Price and Dion Phaneuf, collectors will find a historical "who's who" of hockey legends.

Inside of every box will also be a selection of hard-signed Autograph cards featuring a broad spectrum of players that debuted as early as the 1930s. There will be over 120 different autograph cards to collect and there are several first-time signers in addition to numerous Hall of Famers and stars. Maple Leafs fans will be pleased to see players from the late-1940s dynasty years, including Wally Stanowski and Howie Meeker while Habs enthusiasts with have the opportunity to collect the last hard-signed cards of the legendary Butch Bouchard.

For over a decade, In The Game has done its best to bring hobbyists only the best in game-used memorabilia and Forever Rivals will have many treasured pieces inside packs. There will be a traditional Game-Used Jersey collection that will also have a Patch edition that will to provide even more great value. Some of these cards will be extremely limited as well for certain vintage players. For goalie enthusiasts, be sure to check out the Between The Pipes cards which will have memorabilia pieces from many of the best netminders to protect the crease for either team.

The battle for the hearts of hockey fans continues with a pair of mutli-swatch groupings that are sure to become part of many personal collections. Rivals pairs up a player from each club and the Postseason Battles set will look back on some of the greatest playoff clashes between the Maple Leafs and Canadiens from over the years.

Since both cities have had multiple Stanley Cup championships to their credit, it was only natural to pay tribute to some players through the Cup Winners collection.

There are sure to be many more surprises added to this product before it is released, so keep your eyes open for more news from In The Game over the next few months. Contact your local trading card dealer or wholesaler for more information on how to get your hand on this exciting set that is sure to become a part of hockey card history.    











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