Product Information

StickWork is an entire product dedicated to game-used sticks, ranging from the 1930s to the present.


Each box will contain three StickWork Authentic Game-Used Stick Cards packaged in magnetic top loaders.  The largest StickWork insert set has 19 Silver and 1 Gold version, with many sets having 9 Silver and 1 Gold versions in addition to tons of 1/1’s!


A complete product overview with plenty of images can be found here:


This product is very limited with only 2500 boxes produced. 


* A Note About StickWork Customer Service

Due to the sensitive nature of the game-used stick pieces utilized in StickWork we chose to package each of the cards in magnetic holders.

Every single StickWork game-used stick card will go through an extensive quality control process, including inspecting the cards at least three times before and after the card is placed in the magnetic holder. 

Once they pass final inspection they will be be approved for insertion into the product.  

Final approval means both the game-used stick card and the magnetic one touch holder have been inspected.

We will not be offering replacements for the one-touch magnetic holders under any circumstances. 

We strongly recommend that StickWork cards are not removed from their holders as StickWork customer service will be done on a limited basis, requests will be handled on a case by case basis.   

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